Quick Home Workout 3x/Week

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This is one of many diverse routines I use for training my clients at the privacy of their own homes, this particular client has had two children and lost a total of 20 pounds. We use a combination of full body exercises along with short rest periods to keep the heart rate up. The end goal is to burn fat, look and feel healthy.

100 Pounds Lost & No More Medication

Brent Loveless came to me wanting change in his life, wanting to be normal again. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was weighing 320 pounds, he had little sensation from the neck down and his symptoms were constantly fluctuating and worsening. Brent needed change, he wanted to lose body fat but didn’t know that he could actually reduce his symptoms and start living an active lifestyle again.
Brent Before After

After Brent contacted me I start doing my own research and found that other nutrition experts were finding ways to reduce symptoms through nutrition, I created a special nutrition program and Brent started losing weight immediately. Along with the weight loss, symptoms slowly started to calm down to the point where he was starting to walk longer and ride his stationary bike. The more time we spent looking at the diet we decided to try different approached like removing his gluten, reducing dairy and staying away from processed foods. The closer to a whole food approach we got the better Brent’s symptoms became.

One year later Brent has lost over 100 pounds, reduced his symptoms of numbness, gained sensation in lower extremities, rides his bicycle almost daily, and has even taken up power lifting. These results are from switching to a whole food diet approach and exercise, many diseases today are preventable through exercise and nutrition. If you want to feel better and change your life it is as simple as getting outdoors to walk daily and switching to a whole food approach to your eating habits. I hope Brent inspires and give you hope that you can change your life!