2015 Mustang GT Owners Review – 2 Years Later

I review my 2015 Mustang GT Premium Performance Package after 2 years of ownership and talk about why it is a great value despite some of its shortcomings.


The 2015 Mustang GT is not a one trick pony, it is comfortable and spacious inside, luxurious almost. You have heated and cooled seats along with a subwoofer in the trunk, you also get a GPS system if you want along with 15″ Brembo brakes, summer tires and a Torsen limited slip differential when you want to hit the road course on the weekends. Its literally a do it all car with the potential to be anything you want. I can add a supercharger, dialed in and tuned suspension, light weight wheels, sticky tires and have a car that will compete with the best for a fraction of the cost.

There are a couple of draw backs but in all honesty, its an amazing value if you love that V8 roar and all the creature comforts along with great looks.

Great job Ford.


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