2018 Mustang GT News – Fastest Stock 2018 Mustang – 2.9 Whipple Drag Results

Check out todays 2018 Mustang GT news and other automotive news. Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest automotive news. In todays episode of Mustang News we have Ecobeast a Youtuber running 119 mph in the quarter mile, thats fast enough to run 11s once it hooks up! The latest version of the Whipple supercharger called the generation 3 which is a 2.9 liter unit. With this supercharger a member of mustang6g.com ran a low 9 second quarter mile pass at almost 150 mile per hour, super fast! He was on E85 with a stock motor, transmission and rear. The first Mustang S550 chasis to run in the 6s in the 1/4 mile! Road and Track magazine does a first drive of the 2018 Mustang GT, read the article for all the details. Like and Subscribe for the latest Mustang News!


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