Goals Are Important But Don’t Miss The Point Of Life

Moving toward a goal gives you positive emotion, which blunts anxiety, depression, fear, anger etc.

So, if you are suffering its possible that you don’t have good goals, or any goals at all for that matter.


Don’t miss the point, you need goals but you don’t want to be moving towards your goals hastily.

You want to move towards your goals in a way that is playful.

You want to move towards your goals in a way that feels right, which for me is in a playful, light hearted, joyful and peaceful manner.

I can get so worked up about a goal that the positive emotion buzz can turn into anxiety and fear.


If you take your time to realize that the superseding goal is to move through life in a way that makes others feel peaceful, makes you feel peaceful and at ease, listening to others truly, connecting with others, and making the world a better place with your spirit and heart.

So your goals are important to orient you towards something in life, but go towards your goals not in a hasty get the hell out of my way approach.

Go towards your goals in a manner that is best for you, your family, your friends and the people you socialize with daily, social media etc.

This is how to achieve a goal and do it in peace and in the process make the world a better place along the way.

This is a true life accomplishment and fulfillment!


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