Why We “Yo-Yo” Diet And How To Fix It

The reason people have a hard time losing weight comes down to one thing…


and its not the lack of understanding how to eat healthy…..most people know how to “eat healthy”


most people know how to exercise and go on more walks…


the primary reason why so many people have such a hard time sticking with a nutritional program is because they didn’t do their homework!


I’m not talking about dieting techniques, I’m not talking about new nutritional sciences, new research or new exercise techniques although I subscribe to any technique that you can adhere to for long term results and is healthy.


Primarily IIFYM and Resistance Training!


Here is the homework you need to do in order to get to the bottom of this debacle!


Do you want to lose weight so that you feel good about yourself?


Why don’t you feel good about yourself?


Don’t get depressed because you don’t know the answer, you already have the answer but you must find develop and discover it for yourself.


An amazing coach helped me realize what I was missing in my career just recently, I would use all of your resources to help you realize what potential you have!


You have so much value and potential just for the fact that you can read and have kept reading to this point!


In fact you are probably in America, literate, somewhat educated and can speak english allows you the opportunity to do almost anything with your mind and life!



You need to find and create a mission statement if you don’t feel good about yourself and where you are in your life.


A mission statement helps guide my every action throughout the day.


It gives me guidance and a depth to my daily task, chores, relationships, work and everything.


My mission statement goes something like this “My purpose is to provide as much value as I possibly can to as many people as possible, every single day, with as much integrity as possible, with an underlying sense of passion, lightness and joy!”


Trust me I didn’t come to this conclusion without about 4-5 years of suffering and lots of “learning experiences”!


If you aren’t suffering, its hard to make drastic changes in your life. Thats just the way it is.


If you want to lose weight just to look better(you are probably kidding yourself if you actually believe this, its probably something more like feel significant which helps your status or potential to find a partner etc.) or feel better that probably isn’t motivating enough to keep you on your new lifestyle change, you need a massive shift in thought and action.


You need to figure out exactly why you want to lose weight, if you ask yourself this and get an empty response then you need to explore that question even more.


You need to determine what you are trying to achieve by losing weight or improving your body…


What happens if you are obese and you don’t lose weight?


How would your life be different if you lost that weight?


Why didn’t you stick with it the last few times you tried to lose weight?


It is likely that you are trying to fix yourself with your diet but you might in addition to working on your physical body, spend time exploring your mind and why you overeat, because of stress that you work too much, you don’t have a partner and afraid you never will, you had a terrible childhood and were abused as a kid, your parents left you, you were adopted, you were raised in a poor family, you are an immigrant and this is not your home country, you were picked on as a child, you are physically disabled and I could keep going.


The point that I am trying to make is that you need a 100% shift in your thinking, you need to believe that you actually could and will, follow through with this nutritional program.


If you start a new lifestyle and don’t believe that you will stick to it, you are correct.


The chances of you sticking to the diet on a whim are against you, you just aren’t going to be able to do it.


You need a revolution!


You need to find that purpose and reason why you aren’t living healthy, why you aren’t happy with yourself, why you want to change in the first place and what will happen if you don’t?


Do you want to be a bitter, resentful, regretfully obese person in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s?


You have to make that mission statement and find out why you get up in the morning?


You have to find out why you do what you do every day?


What is your favorite part of the day and why?


What do you look forward too?


What do you hate to do?


What are you scared of?


What are you terrified of?


What are you lying to yourself about?


Sometimes when I’m suffering its because I’m not honest with myself about what I actually want, if I find myself resentful towards something or someone I have to accept and understand that I actually want to just say hello to that person, or that I actually just want to be recognized and so do you!


Everyone wants to feel significant! Thats normal!


Its possible the you are avoiding something in your life you need to address!


What are you avoiding by doing this new diet instead????!!!


Once you determine why you want to change your life, only then can you start to help yourself and love yourself and treat yourself and others with true respect.


Everyone knows how to lose weight, chicken and broccoli, cardio and lift weights.


So why isn’t everyone lean and muscular?

Its not because they work too much, working too much and eating aren’t related.


In fact if you work too much then you wouldn’t overeat because you are always working and not eating because you don’t have time to eat when you work too much.


Thats an excuse, don’t lie to yourself.


So the point I’m trying to make is that you have to know why you are changing your lifestyle, is it for yourself and then your partner, and then your kids, and then your family and then your friends and then your coworkers and then your community and then the society and then the world?


Thats enough to keep you motivated!


And if you can get all this sorted out then it will be effortless!


You will lose weight effortlessly and with motivation and flow!


I hope you change your mindset and this time, if you want to make a change try something different and start with yourself, not a new diet technique, not a new trend or fad.


Start with yourself and the reasons why you live, why you work, why you have value, what you contribute to the world, what you enjoy doing everyday and why?


Start here and thats the root of the energy for life, get that sorted out and the diet will be easy to follow.


Feel free to reach out via text or call if you need help getting your mission statement! 615.589.2438







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