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Find Your Purpose

Jake Tiesler currently lives in Nashville, TN after spending 11 years in Los Angeles as an independent personal trainer.


Jake has worked with clients such as André 3000, Royal Family members, executives, actors, writers, producers and more.


Jake started his journey in his car on the streets of Hollywood in his 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback which he drove from Nashville to Los Angeles in 2009.


He got his first client, producer to "white men can't jump" and proceed to build relationships.

10 years of working with multiple clients per day seeing them through divorces, marriages, kids, businesses and more. 

He has a practical understanding of human psychology and how to see his clients through their ups and downs. 


He then pursued his automotive passion through his YouTube channel and built a following of like minded auto enthusiast, sharing his 25 years of automotive knowledge.  

Jake's passions include investing for early retirement, Toyota Land Cruisers, philosophy, minimalism, economics, spiritualism and is a life learner. 

Jake is here to help you reach your fullest potential though wellness, solopreneurship and purpose. 

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