2015 Mustang GT Owner Review (After 2 Years Worth It?)

This is my 2015 Mustang GT Premium which I bought new in 2015 from Santa Monica Ford as a special order vehicle that was not delivered to the original person who purchased it. I was in search of a Black Mustang GT because I wanted a nice daily drive that would offer a little luxury but also with a V8 and some performance. I ended up looking at things like a used M6 but eventually I realized I could buy a new Mustang GT which had a manual tranmission, none of the luxury cars had manual transmissions, I could also get a warranty, and on top of all that...the Mustang is ready for unlimited upgrades. Whatever you want to do with the Mustang is possible, its a clean slate for you to use your imagination.

My favorite things about the Mustang are the Styling, Performance, Affordability, Engine and Modability.

Styling - Modern and Retro Combined


435 horsepower with 3:73 gears and a manual transmission is enough to slide it around and get yourself into trouble as you have seen in many Youtube "Mustang Fail" videos even in stock form you need to be careful.


The Mustang is one of the most affordable sports cars you can buy, its jammed full of value. Lots of power, lot of looks and lots of fun for a decent price, whats more American than that?


The 2015 Mustang GT uses the 3rd revision of the "Coyote" dual overhead cam V8 which is known for it's high revving nature, this complements the chasis quite well for road racing and spirited driving on the canyon roads.


The ability to modify. Yes, you can take a stock 2015 Mustang GT and order a Whipple supercharger kit, bolt it on in your garage with some hand tools over a few days and have an 800 horsepower daily driver. No lies, drives like stock. What other cars can make this big power with such low effort and be reliable, pass emission, and can install with basic tools, no need to rebuild the motor to make it handle the power. One of my Mustang friends has ran his stock motor over 200,000 miles with the Whipple supercharger kit running 1,000 horsepower, incredible.

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