2023 Ford Mustang (3 Updates Worth The Money)

The 2023 Ford Mustang is coming soon and we don't have too much information yet, but here are some photos of the interior and boy does this look like a cockpit. This reminds me of a proper sports car, the center console is pointed at you with some intention making you feel like you are in something more expensive than a Ford Mustang, no knock on the Mustang because it is the number one sold sports car in America.

"The major updates are the flat bottom steering wheel, the center console stack which is more driver oriented and the entirely new dash. "

I'm in love with the 2023 Ford Mustang's interior and I embrace the innovation 100%. It has been confirmed from Ali Jammoul, the vehicle program director that a V8 will be available. Also, there is possibly going to be an AWD EcoBoost hybrid, how cool is that. You don't have to love it or buy it, it's an option for you guys. I wouldn't mind a big turbo E85 hybrid AWD EcoBoost mustang that gets 30 mpg city, would you??

  1. Fully Digital Dash with Driver Facing Console (Sports Driving Inspired)

The 2023/2024 Mustang will get an entirely new digital dash which in my opinion is a great upgrade, the 2018+ Mustangs had an option for the digital dash which made the car feel more special than the traditional gauges. So now we all get these nice digital gauges and the best part is that the center console will be angled towards the driver slightly. Yes, just like the Corvette or the old Toyota Supra the center console will slightly face the driver giving them a cockpit style race inspired feeling. Can you imagine optioning the Recaro bucket seats and sitting deep into the seat with the new digital dash wrapped around facing you. Proper feeling sports car woohoo!

  1. Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

Finally the steering wheel is upgraded, in 2015 when the S550 chasis was released one of the concerns was about the steering wheel. I never had an issue with the steering wheel but some like Matt Farrah did complain saying you needed to hold your hands in a weird way in order to grip it properly. No more issues now, the flat bottom steering wheel also has some excellent ergonomic grips. You can wrap your fingers around the wheel like a Porsche now, no more need for aftermarket upgrades. Combine the dash, console, Recaro, steering wheel and you are sitting in a sports car now, not a muscle car. Don't worry the V8 is staying for now.

  1. New Body Updates and Wheels

We don't know exactly how the 2023/2024 S650 Mustang will look but as far as we know it will have new front and rear fascia, new wheel options and more. It will look dramatically different and look more modern, more sports car and less muscle car. Let me know what you think about the 2023/2024 Mustang below.

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