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How To Find Your Purpose

The Best Attitude A Man Can Have

I want to start this video by saying I was depressed, anxious and had low confidence not long ago

This is how I fixed it...

But first let me share this writing about the book "how to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carenegie

The best attitude a man can have is one of high interest of others.

The opposite is to be not interested in others best interest.

What does it look like when people have no interest in others? Thieves, sociopaths, narcissist and more

So why do we need to have others best interest in mind?

Because without it this, you will have no comrades.

Without comrades you have a sense of competitiveness instead of colaborate frame work.

You want a colaborative framework because this gives you a sense of well being.

You don't feel defensive, you feel like someone who can contribute to others.

The sense of contribution is what gives you meaning and purpose in life.

If you contribute your talents, abilities or at least your attention and time to other, you will feel peaceful.

Feeling peaceful and whole is the goal.

If you can feel whole, meaning your cup run over, you are complete.

You will not need anything from others.

You will not be needy, by definition.

You will have the ability to give because you are not in need.

This is the goal, create the best version of yourself to share with the world.

You get there by finding your IKIGAI

Thats the Japanese term for when your work fits your talents, passion and purpose.

It's the wholeness you get from living a life of alignment.

From this place you are whole and are contributing to society.

You will have a sense of value, confidence and peace.

Your inside life will match your outside actions.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned.

This is the way

I have found this by waking up super early, hitting the gym, then coming home to create content like this

I then will go on to eat my macros, coach my clients and bask in my own delight

I use to live a life of 50/50

Some times i would train, eat well and share

But I felt like a fraud, because I wasn't living in alignment

This causes a lack of confidence

It also causes a lack of purpose

I would snowball down and down until I felt horrible

Now, i have found much peace in creating my lifestyle around living in alignment

So, if you would like to live an aligned lifestyle you can create it!

You can organize your life into actions that are in alignment with what you believe.

I hired a nutritionist, I started JiuJitsu and I started going all in on my lifestyle.

This has gotten rid of any mental health issues that I had in the past

I had anxiety, depression and low confidence.

I fixed it by changing my goals, lifestyle and living in alignment.

Now, i can confidently share my process with you

I hope this was helpful

If it was, feel free to leave a tip in the amount that you found useful, or smash the like button for me

I appreciate you guys and hope to help you on your path

This is the way!

Thanks for watching and catch you in the next video

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