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How To Beat Depression

You feel depressed because you aren't becoming the best version of yoursef.

You aren't self actualizing, you are not evolving.

You are not working on your purpose.

We were all given special "gifts"

You have to use your gifts to become the best version of yourself, then help others do the same.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I drove all the way across the counrty to be with a girl after college.

I ended up in my car, with my skin falling off from stress.

I proceeded to find a valet parking job and then would go back to my car and sleep.

I finally landed a couch to sleep on at friends studio apartment, I lived on that couch for 6 months.

I eventually built my business to 6 figure income level, invested my income and become financially independent.

The enture process is easy and straight forward.

The problem is that once you attain financial freedom and you have free time, you are bored.

Because you built a life working a job that might not satisfy you, then you don't have hobbies.

So now the new job is to build a life that you actually enjoy.

You can do this by focusing on the gifts you were given.

It usually has something to do with interest as a kid, since I was a kid I was flexing my muscles and drifting go carts.

So I like to workout, driving fast things.... boats, cars, dirt bikes, and really enjoy philosophy.

For you it might be music, it could be art, sewing, personal development etc.

Here's the hard part which you are probablly stuck in right now, depression.

If you're depressed, there is a feeling of never going to be able to feel better.

It's like you will feel this way forever.

It's not true at all.

You won't be stuck there forever.

The solution is to use your natural gifts, develop them, share them with the world.

The best version of yourself will always be using your gifts, developing yourself and helping others.

Helping others could also just be how you "show up" day to day.

Nobody wants you to show up with a crappy mood, we need the best version of you.

The version of you who is not ashamed, guilty, fearful but confident and attacking the world.

Putting their effort into the world, making their mark.

You were given gifts, interest and abilities... you can't decide what youre interested in.

It was given to you.

So honor your nature, listen to yourself and follow your calling, your path.

Develop yourself, overcome things, then help others do the same.

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