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How To Find Your Purpose

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Focusing on what is outside of our sphere of influence makes us lose our focus on our lives purpose

Our life’s purpose is to use our gifts to go out into the world and do our work

Become the best version of ourselves with the gifts we have been given

Pursue our purpose, which is things that we can control

Our day to day actions towards our goals

Not to please others but why?

If you try to please others…. How could you possibly?

You would have 100 different directions to go

You would be trying to please whom? The state, strangers, 

How would you know if you’ve pleased them enough? 


This what matters

We all have 24 hours in a day, we get paid in 30 day increments

We need to execute on our purpose today

NOT like a HACK

Like a warrior

Like a purpose driven man

What matters is how much relevant things you got done towards your purpose, living a life of focus and meaning

Peoples pleasing is always a NO NO

Staying on PURPOSE is the only way to live

BUT you do it daily


NOT like a HACK

The HACK finds an easy way to do something 

Then quits once it gets hard

Once the inevitable plateau comes in your latest business adventure, new hobby, relationship etc

When you have a new idea, you get a mental high, you chase it but if you’re a HACK

You quit as soon as it gets hard

BUT it will always get hard in life, you can’t endlessly go up and up and up

It’s a series of burst and plateaus

Plateaus are long periods of time with no seeming progress…

You have to be able to ride the plateaus in life or you will never make it 

If you quit every time business slows down

What have you learned? 

You will always just be starting new businesses

If you truly want to become a master 

You must take on mentorship from someone ahead of you

They have already been there, they have reached success

They have hit the highs and lows, they know all the depths of the plateaus 

As well as the peaks of the highs

You need someone with this wisdom who will encourage you to stick to your purpose when you hit a plateau

Everyone will hit a plateau

Most people will have success

But if you want to become a master you need to ride the plateau 

The plateau is the long seemilgy dead period where you feel like you are not making forward progress or even going backwards, all the while you are actually learning slowly but surely and this is par for the course

Love the daily grind of doing your work for the sake of doing your work

If you truly hate your work then perhaps consider “is it a plateau and you’re quitting?” 

Or do you really hate your work?

In my life, I have quit when I get to a plateau on fitness, training, coaching, relationships etc

Now I want to become a master

Dedicating myself to the daily grind of building my lifestyle into the lifestyle of a master

Total sacrifice and dedication to the process of mastery

The mentsorship, the practice and the commitment to learning new skill

Practicing and working through he process  

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